CrossFit Pally – CrossFit


Walking Lunge (3-4 rounds)

2 KB Overhead position, walking 1 length of gym
superset with

bear craw down and back

**Allow max 10 minutes for this**


Metcon (Time)

Partner Workout:*

“The Trio”

30 Clean and Jerks 135/95

30 Toes to Bar or 10 MUs (of choice)

30 Snatches 115/75, RX+ 135/95
This will follow the same format as it did for teams. Your partner does not have to be the same gender nor do you have to be the same weight/scales. The format is “I go, then you go” so partner A starts and does 30 Clean and Jerks while partner B waits/rests. Once partner A gets 30 reps done, they rest and partner B goes. Once partner B is done with 30 clean and jerks, partner A goes onto the Toes to Bar or MUs and so forth.

*25 minute cap