CrossFit Pally – CrossFit


Weighted Step-ups (4×16 (8 per leg))

Hold 1 KB in front rack position

Bent Over Row (4×16 (8 per arm))

Use 2 KBS, place them in front of your toes and they rest on the ground every rep

Superset this movement with the step ups


Metcon (No Measure)

3 x 7″ EMOMs, 3 minutes rest between each

A. 6 T2B + 6 DB Thruster 50/35

B. 6 BFB + 6 Clean and Jerk 135/95

C. 8 WB + 25 DUs
Consider adjusting some of the reps to meet your current level. For parts A and B, your reps for both or one of the movements could vary anywhere between 5 and 7. For C, you could adjust WB to be between 7-9 and DUs between 10 and 30.

Remember, goal with EMOMs is to work for about 30-35 seconds in the beginning and then as you get tired it may increase workload up to 45-50 seconds. Keep that in mind. It shouldn’t take you the whole minute in the beginning but it also shouldn’t take only 15 seconds too.