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CrossFit Pally – CrossFit


Pistols (Spend 8 minutes working on drills)

If you have pistols: try

4×8 per leg

or 4×4 per leg

Back Squat (1 Tempo B.S. EMOM x 9 rounds)

Tempo: 3331 (down for 3, hold for 3, up for 3, stand for 1)

Spend 5-7 minutes warming up to a good moderate/heavy weight that you can maintain the tempo. If you lose the tempo, drop the weight and check your ego.


Metcon (Weight)

Every 3 minutes for 5 rounds:

12 Hang Power Cleans

80-50 DUs
Goal here is barbell cycling, so pick a weight you can do or almost do all 12 unbroken.

Pick a DU number that you can get done under a minute.