CrossFit Pally – CrossFit

Skill Work

Spend 5 minutes working on toes to bar. Whether that be seeing how close you can get your toes to the bar or working on stringing 2 then 3 together .


Granite Games 19.4 Partner Twist (*Each round, increase reps by 2)

12″ on the clock, with a partner

*2 Double KB Deadlift (53lbs./35lbs.)

*2 Double KB Front Squat (53lbs./35lbs.)

*2 Double KB Hang to Overhead** (53lbs./35lbs.)

*Each round, increase reps by 2
Partner style: parter 1 does the complex while partner 2 rests, then partner 1 rests and partner 2 does the complex. Everyone will do the 2 reps and then everyone will do 4 reps, 6 reps and so on until time is up.

**Hang to overhead: any movement allowed, snatch or clean and jerk, any style.


Metcon (Time)

For time*:

800m run

3 minute rest

400m run

2 minute rest

200m run
*15 minute time cap