Attention Current Gym Members,
Starting 7/6/20 there will be changes to class schedules: The changes are due to very low numbers in the afternoon classes.
Monday: No Changes (Will test Noon class starting 7/6
Tuesday: Only one pm class offered at 5:45-6:30
Wednesday: Only one Pm class offered at 5:45-6:30 (Noon class offered)
Thursday: Only one pm class offered at 5:45-6:30
Friday: No changes for now (Noon class offered)
Saturday: Only one class at 8am

Class size will be adjusted to 8 participants as we are still not fully able to share materials or space.

Pally Fit LLC – CrossFit/Fitness


A1: BTN Strict Press (5x(30s ON/30s OFF))

Superset 30s-AMRAP of Empty BB Behind the Neck Strict Press with 30s-AMRAP of ring rows, resting 30s b/t movements
Complete with empty BB or 40% of 1RM strict press

A2: Ring Rows (5x(30s ON/30s OFF))


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

60 DU (x2 singles)

30 DB Snatch (50/35)

15 Lateral burpees

40 DU

20 DB Snatch

10 Lateral burpees

20 DU

10 DB Snatch

5 Lateral Burpees

[15:00 Time Cap]