Arms and Core


Arms and Core

CrossFit Pally – Bootcamp


DB Alt Shoulder Press 3×5 (keep one arm up while the other arm is completing each rep)

Plank Ext 3×8 E w/ a 2 sec iso


5 stations (3 minutes each) 2x thru (total 30 minutes) 2 minutes on 1 minute rest per station.

Sta1) Seated row on rower (turn resistance up to ten, lock out legs and use upper body only. Row for 2 minutes as hard as possible)

Sta2) pushups until failure then plank remainder of time.

Sta3) stability ball core passes or 15lb bar passes.

Sta4) burpee to a jump pull up or burpee right into a heavy kb upright row.

Sta5) battle ropes (constantly switch techniques/versions for full 2 minutes)