Arms and Core


Arms and Core

CrossFit Pally – Bootcamp


Push Press 3×6

Shoulder Circuit 3×10


– Thumbs-put

– Side

– Front


Partner wod

Each group start at a different station. Go in any order until all exercises are completed or until time runs out. (30 minute cap)

160 sledge hammers (80 each)

140 tricep barbell press (70 each)

120 horiz barbell pull ups (60 each)

100 plate curl to press (50 each)

80 wide hr pushups (40 each)

60 db shoulder press (30 each)

40 burpees each person

2:00 battle rope sprints each person ( thats four 30 second sprints per person)

***Use your best judgement for breaks. Id prefer most exercises done one person at a time to ensure breaks. Some exercises like burpees and oushups you can do at the same time together but ropes, presses and other strength heavy exercises do one at a time while other partner rests.