Butts and Guts


Butts and Guts

CrossFit Pally – Bootcamp


Single Leg RDL 3×5 5 sec ISO

GH Bridge w/ Band 3×12 3 sec ISO


25 minute long tabata (:40on—:20 rest) every minute

-5 stations, stay at each station for 5 minutes before rotating.

Sta1) Sled push/pull (maintain neutral spine)

Sta2) heavy kb sit n twists (full rotation of shoulders)

Sta3) sledge hammers (keep in same hand. Switch hands when rounds switch)

Sta4) tire jumps (quick feet -should aim for 20 reps in :40 seconds)

Sta5) assault bike sprints (all out sprint)

When 25 minutes is up 400m cooldown jog