How to Join

Step 1 – Pick an option that fits your needs

Option #1 – Beginner On-Ramp Package
The 4 or 8 visit On-Ramp Program is perfect for those who would like an increased level of support starting their journey with CrossFit Pally. If you have never tried CrossFit or would like to get your feet wet with some Bootcamps this is a perfect option for you. This program allows you access to all Bootcamp classes plus CrossFit prep sessions at 5 AM, 6 AM, or 6:30 PM on Tuesday and Thursday.
*This program is mandatory for new members who do not have experience with CrossFit and would like to join CrossFit courses. Members interested in Bootcamp only may skip this program.
Sign up for your free trial class before picking an On-Ramp Package.
Option #2 – Experienced
This option is for our new members who have previous experience with CrossFit or high intensity circuit style training. Sign up for your free trial class by clicking below. New members who have experience may still sign up for the on-ramp experience, however, it does not give access to our full class schedule for CrossFit.
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Step 2
Sign up for your free trial class. Looking to drop in? Click here to pay our drop in fee and sign up for your class.

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