Tuesday bootcamp


Tuesday bootcamp

CrossFit Pally – Bootcamp


Back squat (light weight-emphasis on depth) touch butts to a bench.

4×12 start with just a bar and focus on keeping heels down and knees out. Move up weight accordingly but nothing too much. Again the point here is depth weight is secondary. 2 minute break in between sets and work with eachother on hitting your qs.


30 minute mission impossible. (Knock out as many as possible in the 30 minute timecap.

150-rope slams

30 tire flips (due on turf)

15 down n back sprints (do next to turf)

150 Mt climbers

30 pull-ups

15 cal bike

1:50 wall sit

30 wall balls (get low)

15 wall walks

1000 m row

Start anywhere and break it up however you want. Take breaks when needed.