Tuesday bootcamp


Tuesday bootcamp

CrossFit Pally – Bootcamp


Single Leg RDL 3×5 5 sec ISO

GH Bridge w/ Band 3×12 3 sec ISO


Partner Wod (remainder of class) (5 stations—-whole workout is dictated by sleds. When the sled group finishes there 6th total rep -all stations then rotate.)

-Sled push/pull (6 total reps, both can go at same time and one partner can pick up others slack—-only 6 reps are needed total) (15-45 lbs)

-Rower (10 hardest pulls, 10 medium pulls, 10 rest pulls, repeat) stay within a 26-32 strokes per minute range (both go at same-time).

– ab throw-downs (10 left. 10 mid, 10 right, switch partners, repeat)

-tire Flips (one person at a time, pass it back and forth)

-jump-rope (same time)