Tuesday’s Bootcamp


Tuesday’s Bootcamp


Monthly Social at Durty Nellies Wednesday Oct 3rd
7 PM

CrossFit Pally – Bootcamp


Back Squats 5×5 (Start at a light weight and add more as you go) ***Only add more if you can squat at a proper depth. If you can only do a deep squat with a 25lb bar then so-be-it. The Focus of this strength segment is to achieve proper depth.

Modify with 5x :40 second wall sits.


Long Tabata (1:20 on :40 rest) 5 stations, stay at each station for 3 rounds before rotating (6 minutes per station) keep the clock running.

Sta1) Wall Balls

Sta2) weighted bar passes (abs) ( when you break, switch to sit n twists)

sta3) Sleds (Push-Pull) *****if more than ten people add a tire and that group of 3 will rotate between the sleds and tire.

sta4) Burpees to hi knees (1 burpee followed by 10 hi knees-5 each leg)

sta5) assault bike **** If more than ten people add a rower and the group of 3 will rotate amongst themselves.