Tuesdays Metcon


Tuesdays Metcon

CrossFit Pally – MetCon


Back squats 4 sets

(Reps 8-6-4-2)

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(Mandatory 2 minute break after each set)

After completion of squats do 3×10 rdls

(Moderate weight)


30 minutes of:

10 stations. 2 minutes max effort at each. 1 minute break.

Sta1) assault bike

Sta2) Hr push-ups

Sta3) box jumps or weighted step ups

Sta4) plank

Sta5) jump rope

Sta6) sleds

Sta7) keg walks

Sta8) burpees

Sta9) sit-ups

Sta10) med ball slams

Today is mainly body-weight to give you a break from all the strength we did yesterday.