Tuesdays metcon


Tuesdays metcon

CrossFit Pally – MetCon


15 minute running clock.

Accumulate 3 total minutes of static oh hold with dbs or kbs. (Use a challenging weight) at rests / in between or after completing the static holds accumulate as many pull-ups as possible. (Keep going until the 15 minutes are over)


30 minute 6-stations (5 minutes at each station)

Sta1) continuous row (no breaks)

Sta2) jump rope (continuous)

Sta3) wall sits (as much unbroken as possible)

Sta4) down and back run (sprint down-jog back)

Sta5) plank/side planks (hold up as much as possible unbroken-when you fall Shake it out and get back up for remaining time.)

Sta6) sled walks ( just push and pull the weighted sled at a moderate pace) when needing a rest go to rings and hold at a 90 degree angle until failure then back to sleds.