Wednesday Bootcamp


Wednesday Bootcamp


3rd ANNUAL ALZ Fundraiser in memory of Kiran
Saturday Sept 15th
Workouts at 9AM, 10 AM and 11 AM
NO 8:30 AM Class

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CrossFit Pally – Bootcamp


DB Shoulder Press (4×8 each arm)

3x 30 second steering wheels. (Hold a 10lb, 15lb or 25 lb plate straight out in front of you, arms locked out and parallel to the ground) Rotate from Left to right at a fast pace.


Partner Wod (25 Minute Time Cap) (groups can start at pushups, while others start at hammers or lunges….Don’t all start at sledge hammers!….groups can pick any of the 4 stations to start however you cannot move down to the next phase until all 4 exercises are complete.

Phase 1

100 Sledge Hammers (50 each partner)

50 Hr pushups (25 each partner)

25 kb Lunges each partner (25 total) *Modify lunges with air squats or 1:00 wall sit

200 m run or row

Phase 2

60 Sledge Hammers (30 each partner)

40 Hr Pushups (20 each partner)

20 Kb Lunges each Partner (20 total) *Modify lunges with air squats or 1:00 wall sit

400 M Run or row

Phase 3

21 Kb Swings and bench Jump overs ***Modify jump overs with step ups (each Leg)

15 Kb Swings and bench jump overs or step ups

9 Kb Swings and bench Jump-overs or step ups